What is the easiest way to migrate to Australia?

What is the easiest way to migrate to Australia?

If you wish to move to Australia, you are required to get a permanent residency visa. The visa and immigration process of Australia is handled by the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection). In order to be eligible to apply, it is mandatory for you to provide authentic information as well as documentation. Upon application approval, you become eligible to live and work in Australia.

Let's discuss the steps to follow in order to apply for Australia PR Visa

Step 1: Understand the visa type

Firstly, you have to choose the right visa type, which suits your profile in the best possible manner. For this, you must get your profile assessed by an industry professional.

One of the best and most choose visa programs is GSM i.e. General Skilled Migration program. Most of the skilled aspiring immigrants apply via any of the three GSM program categories due to its simple and quick process.

This program includes Permanent Resident (PR) visas, which are issued by the Australian government and allows you to live, study and work legally in Australia.

You may apply under following GSM visa categories:

Skilled Independent Subclass 189

This is a permanent visa type and does not require any sponsorship by any family member who lives in Australia as a permanent resident or citizen or any state/territory government sponsorship.

Skilled Nominated Subclass 190

This is also a permanent visa type and requires an applicant to have a nomination by any State or Territory government of Australia.

Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa

On 16th November 2019, the 489 Visa (Skilled Regional) is replaced by the newSubclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa. This new Visa allows skilled workers to move to Australia and work for an approved employer for a maximum of five years.

Step 2: Apply for a visa

During this step, you have to first gather all the relevant documents, including your health and character certificates and submit them to DIBP.

During this stage, it is advisable to provide authentic and accurate information in order to minimize the overall processing time and reduce the chances of application rejection or refusal.

Step 3: Submit your application

The next step is to submit a complete application to DIBP along with relevant documents and the required amount of application fees.

Do you wish to apply for an Australian PR visa through the any of the three easiest GSM pathways? Then you must hire a registered migration expert who can guide you about the required information and help you gather relevant documents.

But, before choosing a consultant, always ensure that the agent is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).