Study in Regional Australia- Apply for Australia Student Visa in 2023

Typically, an aspiring student who is willing to study in Australia only think about living and studying in big Australian cities. But they don't realize that such big cities are not the only places to grab better opportunities. A lot of regional cities in Australia like Darwin, Adelaide, Ballarat, Tasmania, Townsville, etc. also provide immense opportunities for overseas students.

The Government of Australia always encourage overseas students to live and study in designated “Regional Areas”. If you choose to study at a designated regional educational institute in Australia, you can get added migration benefits towards permanent residency. For instance, you get extra 5 points towards permanent residency along with additional post-study work rights of one-year on your Graduate visa without compromising on the education quality. 

In addition to this, you'll also get a chance to explore lifestyle, beauty, and immense opportunities of regional Australia. As a matter of fact, with a reclassification of Regional Areas, now Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Perth are also being classified as regional areas. 

Read further to find out the top reasons for which you may consider studying in any regional city of Australia.


If we compare the cost of living in regional cities and towns with big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, then it is almost half the cost. You get to enjoy a better quality of life owing to affordable living, which includes, accommodation, housing costs, traveling expenses, food, entertainment and much more. 

Special courses

Regional areas have great study opportunities in universities, English language school, secondary schools, and TAFE. A lot of reputed colleges and universities have their campuses in regional Australia, and they provide similar amenities and facilities like any campus located in big Australian city.

Immense immigration opportunities

Once you complete studies in any regional town or city in Australia, you can claim extra points towards your permanent residence application, which is an added benefit for you. For studying or living in any such city for more than 2 years will provide you added five points towards a skilled Permanent Residency visa application.

Better job opportunities

Regional Australia has immense employment opportunities in industries like, farming, tourism, industrial mining, healthcare, and education. 

A comfortable life 

You can enjoy a calm and relaxing life amidst nature without the hustle and bustle of big cities. You can take out time for leisure activities between your classes and lead more relaxed life in regional areas. Also, as a newcomer you'll never feel isolated, thanks to welcoming and well-established migrant communities. 

Best regional areas to study in Australia

  • The Gold Coast- Largest and a likable city to live in with relatively affordable rent and living expenses.
  • Perth- Capital of Western Australia and fourth biggest Australian city.
  • Sunshine Coast- A city with abundance of job opportunities to offer.
  • Byron Bay- Offering something to everyone
  • Adelaide- A perfect place to move with your family
  • Cairns- A tropical gem offering relaxed lifestyle and immense opportunities.
  • Tasmania- Most affordable place to live Regional Australia.
  • Bundaberg- Experience the Australian charm and traditions.

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