Important Tips to Get Australia PR Visa easily

Important Tips to Get Australia PR Visa easily

With easy-to-follow immigration rules, policies and procedures, the Australia PR Visa attracts a lot of international skilled workers around the globe.

For better understanding, read a few tips mentioned below to get the Australian Permanent Resident Visa easily:

  1. Keep all your documents handy

Besides your basic educational and travel documents, you are required to submit 2 main documents, which includes:

  • Your IELTS test result report, which is a must to prove your English language proficiency.
  • Your skill assessment report, which is done by an assessing authority. It is a must to prove how skilled you are in a particular occupation for which you are applying.
  1. Choose an appropriate visa subclass

You must understand that there are an array of PR visas types to immigrate to Australia as a permanent resident. Thus, it is important that you select a visa type that suits your profile and requirements well. The most popular PR visa categories includes:

  1. Select an occupation from SOL (Skilled Occupation List)

After choosing an appropriate PR visa category, you are required to select an occupation from the Australia Skilled Occupation List 2019. This list specifies the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) code for all the occupation. And this ANZSCO code provides information about the skill level required for jobs, experience or qualifications needed for each occupation.

  1. Always apply via Australian point-based system

Point-based system of AustraliaFor this, you have to submit an EOI online in the Skill Select System, which stores and maintains your profile details like your name, gender, age, language ability, work experience, qualification, etc.

Based on the said factors, you are warded points and you must score minimum 65 points to apply for the PR visa of your choice.

  1. Meet the health and character requirements

Along with the above requirements, you are also required meet the character and health requirements to Apply for Australia PR Visa. Your character has to be good (morally) and you should be physically and mentally fit to live and work in Australia.

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What are the Australia PR benefits?

  • Freedom to follow any study course of your choice
  • Work and live in any part of Australia for an indefinite period
  • Travel within and outside Australia for unlimited time
  • Get privileges of health insurance of Australian Government
  • Eligible to apply for the citizenship of Australia after meeting the eligibility criteria
  • You can sponsor your family members for either temporary or permanent residency
  • You can enjoy a few social security benefits
  • You have a right to work for any occupation under any employer

As a PR visa holder, you can also travel to New Zealand or apply for New Zealand visa