Australian Government rules out further cut to the migration numbers

Australian Government rules out further cut to the migration numbers

The Australian government has recently announced that there would be no further cuts to migration numbers. As the government is now focusing on preparing new committees in order to encourage new migrants to move to Australian regions. According to a statement issued by Liberal MP Julian Leeser, the chair of the committee, "the quality of life of the nation depended on solving the policy challenge of how to better redistribute Australias population, which will increase 25% in the next 15 years to 31.4 million." It is expected that by the end of the year, the four biggest cities of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth will record most of the growth.

Leeser also stated that "the inquiry would not look at changing the current levels of migration after the government announced it would cap the number of permanent visa places offered each year at 160,000. It is not about the total number. I think we have had a long debate about how many people we should have in this country, what we havent had enough discussion on is where they should go." He said that the new committee is planning to launch new policies so that Australian regions can welcome more and more new arrivals. Though, this move is facing a lot of criticism that this regional visa push will not work properly. This announcement came as a result of a report, which was issued by Infrastructure Australia.

It states that the country has to bear $40 billion annual infrastructure cost to deal with its future population growth, which is expected to grow up to 31.4 million by the year 2034. This report also states that most of the Australian cities are not even well-equipped to deal with the present population growth rate. About the same, Leeser has issued a statement, that says, People in my electorate often say to me that we have too many people in Sydney and that they supported very strongly the governments cap on migration, but when you say to people the economy needs people, they say well we should have more people move to regional Australia, and that is borne out by the fact that we have got all these jobs that arent filled in regional Australia. He also said that Australian regions offered a very high quality of life and he is hoping that the inquiry committee will hear from migrants who had made a choice to move and stay in regional areas of Australia. According to this new move by the Australian government, people are expecting to get more opportunities in regional parts of Australia along with an affordable cost of living. 

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