Australia Tourist Visa - How to Extend Visitor Permit in Australia?

Australia Tourist Visa - How to Extend Visitor Permit in Australia?

Are you in Australia, and your current visa is about to expire? But do you wish to extend your stay for tourism purposes? You may apply for a new Visitor visa (subclass 600) as you cannot extend this visa. If you are eligible to apply for Australia Tourist Visa, you must do so a minimum of two weeks before your current visa expiry date.

Please note, an Australia Tourist visa (subclass 600) will be granted to you, if:

  • You were found to be substantially abiding by your previous visa conditions
  • You meet key eligibility criteria for visa subclass 600
  • You do not have a 'No further stay' Condition 8503 applicable on your visa

Suppose you are a visitor visa or a Working Holiday visa holder. You can extend your stay for up to 12 months if you fall under any exceptions.

Let's better understand about Australia Tourist Visa (Subclass) 600

Under Visitor Visa (Subclass) 600 (Tourist stream), you can visit Australia for purposes like visiting your family and friends, visiting as a tourist, for a cruise, or for a purpose other than medical treatment or business for a duration of up to 12 months.

But, to be eligible, you must have a genuine intention and must have enough money to support your entire stay in Australia.

Additionally, this visitor visa Australia also allows you to get trained or study for a maximum of 3 months in total 12 months duration this visa. But if the main reason for your travelling to Australia is to pursue a long-term study program, you must apply for an Australia student visa.

Once applied, the DHA generally processes 75% of applications within 44 days and 90% in 48 days.

But, your application processing may take longer, if:

  • Your application is found to be incomplete or contains incorrect information
  • You miss any supporting documents or information
  • DHA is taking a longer time to verify your documents and information

Eligibility requirements to apply for Visitor Visa Australia

  • You must meet Australia's health and character requirements in order to ensure that you don't impose any public health and safety risks to the Australian community
  • You must have access to enough proof of funds to support yourself when you are in Australia.
  • You must be a genuine visitor to live temporarily in Australia and not do things that your visa doesn't allow you to do

The stepwise process to apply for Visitor Visa

You may follow a step-by-step process to apply for a visitor or Australia tourist visa from India or any other country.

  • Get your valid passport and complete your health examinations before applying
  • Seek professional assistance with your application from registered migration consultants
  • Gather relevant documents like:
  • Identity proof
  • Proof of change of name, if applicable (a marriage or divorce certificate)
  • Genuine visitor documents as proof that you are visiting Australia temporarily
  • Character documents
  • Additional documents if you are under 18
  • Apply for Visa online by creating ImmiAccount
  • Submit the complete application along with documents and the application fee
  • Wait till DHA processes your application
  • Visa outcome stage. The DHA will inform you about the decision in writing and provide you with a visa grant number, the date from which your visa starts and all visa conditions applicable on your visa

Instead of spending your time figuring out things and still ending up with visa refusals, you may hire Australian immigration consultants who can guide you in the right direction.     

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