Apply for Australia Tourist Visa from India

Apply for Australia Tourist Visa from India

Every foreign national who wishes to spend a vacation in Australia must apply for and obtain a relevant Australian tourist visa.

For instance, as an Indian citizen, a person can apply for an Australia Tourist Visa from India, i.e., Visa Subclass 600 (tourist stream) and can go on a cruise, visit family and friends or visit for any other purpose except business or medical treatment.

However, apart from the things mentioned above, a tourist visa in Australia allows you to do more.

Let's find out other amazing things you can do on your Australia Tourist Visa:

  1. Pursue a short-term study program

With an Australia Tourist Visa (Subclass) 600; you can train or study for a maximum of 3 months in total duration on your visa. But, if your main reason for visiting Australia is to study, you must apply as a student.

  • Travel outside Australia

If the DHA grants you a visitor visa with multiple entries, then you get a chance to travel outside Australia and return by the time specified in the visa grant letter. But, if your visa is single entry and you leave Australia, you cannot re-enter Australia on the same visa. In that case, you must apply for another visa to come back.

  • Perform volunteer work

With an Australian tourist visa from India, you can't work in Australia. Still, you may perform some volunteer work, which is unpaid, short term, incidental to your visit, done for a non-profit organization and benefits the community.

  • You can choose to stay longer in Australia.

You must apply for a new visa only if the existing visa doesn't have a condition that prevents you from staying further, like condition 8503. If you are interested in visiting Australia this year, you may apply for Australia Tourist Visa (Subclass) 600. For any guidance with application submission and further process, you may talk to our immigration experts on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-77 or drop an email at info